Active cargo is highly privileged and independent logistics group that aims to deliver and still serving the best since years, providing the Services of Customs Clearance for imports and exports, international freight forwarding and transportation. Active cargo has been ranked one of the leading Custom Broker and freight forwarder among other Custom Broker’s and Freight Forwarder’s in Nagpur.

With over years of experience in the segment of Customs clearance and international freight forwarding, we have earned a well established name in doing and providing the best and to the fullest. With 49 major clients in our hands, we have bulk and volume of transport markets across the globe. We have offices located in three places in India i.e Nagpur, Mumbai and Hyderabad, and our associate offices in Chennai and Vizag. With the experience of 22 years we have a never ending experience in the concepts of Customs clearing and International freight forwarding. It is significant that the declared policy established by Management is to involve all the DIRECTORS in the DAY-TO-DAY operations.


VISION:-We completely believe in building unique supply chain management with the global values making it worthwhile for the continuous movement of supply chain management in India.

MISSION:-The main vision of our supply chain management is bringing the value added, innovative services in India by adding the state of art resources.


The Custom Broker license is the trademark for carrying out transactions concerned with the timely delivery of goods. We have obtained this license as a license of great importance and support the transportation and sustainability of the goods and services. This license is of at most essentiality for all the organizations.


Excellent Network of Overseas Partners to support Global Logistic needs to Customers.

Ability to provide Global Consolidation services through the Agency Network.

Facilitate Transportation to Customers from Both Inbound and Export Cargo.

Having our own Custom Broker License to clear inbound and outbound consignments.

Will be able to arrange various Duty Exemption authorizations like Advance Authorization / DFIA and EPCG etc. And also can arrange IEC and RCMC from any of the DGFT offices located in India through associate. Also we are well conversation with all procedures and provisions of FTA policy Act.

Maintains excellent and co-cordial rapport with all Ports, Customs and Licensing Authorities.

Experienced, skilled and trained team to handle value added services relating to DGFT, TEXPROCIL, AEPC, EEPC, HEPC AND OTHER ALLIED AGENCIES. Dedicated customer support desks – for both AIR and SEA Shipments.

Excellent close relationship with all Major Shipping / Air Lines.

Network of Indian Offices in all Major Ports and ICD’s providing flexibility of gateway port.

Equipped with latest art of Communication facilities ensuring timely and fast flow of information.

Co-partner’s IATA license to service Air Consignments – both Inbound and Outbound.